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Does & Don'ts


Submitting Your Book For Consideration

Before you submit your manuscript, you should know what we DON'T do:

1.) Because of the high cost of shipping, we do not publish POD books for authors outside of the USA.

2.) We DO NOT accept books that promote evil in any form or fashion.

3.) We DO NOT publish books with adult content such as erotica.

4.) We DO NOT publish Black magic or witchery in any form or fashion.

5.) We DO NOT publish hated against humanity in any form or fashion.


If you are submitting a book for POD (print)...

Please do NOT send us any book files that exceed 3 megs. Emails exceeding 3 megs are automatically deleted. All books must be submitted as one file only and that file must be smaller than 3 megs. If your book exceeds 3 megs, please remove all graphics, tables, or anything that is making the file too large to send by email.

The Submission Process

Here are the major reasons we reject books:

1.) Spelling and grammatical errors.

2.) Poor writing.

3.) Low sales potential.

4.) Sexual content is too strong, or other content that we feel is inappropriate.

5.) Books that may contain libel, hate material, or anything that makes us uncomfortable and that may disturb or harm readers.

The submission process is two steps.

First, send us an email with a short description of your book. We'll use this to create a log of your submission.

Second, after you submit this information, we'll give you an email address and an ID number. You'll use that email address to submit your manuscript and you'll put the ID number in the subject line of the email.

Note: We can only accept electronic submissions. We can't accept manuscripts that are not in an electronic format.


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Does & Don'ts
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