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The journey of May / Ma LiWe are looking for quality work by talented authors who are market-oriented. Our company is new and energetic. We want authors that have a different kind of story to tell. We want Authors who want to be published in electronic and print media. We need authors who are willing to promote their books worldwide.

If you feel you can help us to develop a reputation for quality books send us your completed manuscript. We are accepting fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.

We have one absolute—what we publish needs to be decent and uplifting. We don't need to agree with everything in the manuscript, and we aren't going to set hard-and-fast rules on what to include or not to include, though we certainly don't want novels with erotica/sex scenes or anything that promotes hate. Valuable lessons can be taught using characters who are without question bad examples, and they can do awful things that are part of your book. We are looking at the overall purpose of your book—does it leave the reader a better person for having read it? Does it promote faith, kindness, honesty, loyalty, and virtue? If it doesn't, we probably won't accept your work.

Your book needs to be well-written, persuasive, and interesting. If you are a nonfiction author you need to have some credentials and/or experience in the subject matter.

Our company is registered with Bowker, our books are available through ipage.ingrambook and Books-In-Print anytime - online. Your book will be listed in Ingram for wholesalers and booksellers access.


So what are you waiting for, send us your manuscript. Submission Guidelines.

You've finished the book, now what do you do?


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